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CDL and OTR Truck Driver Jobs

Congratulations on earning your CDL! Now that you have it in hand, you are probably ready to find yourself a career. At Supreme OTR, we are committed to helping you do just that! Whether you just received your CDL or you renewed your CDL, we can help you identify the perfect opportunity based on your skills and needs.

Driving a truck comes with major responsibilities and the job is not for the weak. You will be solely responsible for making sure that ALL loads are delivered on time and safely too. Those who make good truck drivers are those who are committed to excellence and make a promise to be reliable.

As a CDL or OTR truck driver, you will be a huge asset to any team and these companies realize that. You will find that you will have the chance to improve on your driving skills, continue your education, and see the world around you, at the same time.

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Drivers Are Needed All Over the US

There is shortage of truck drivers and that means that you can find a great career quickly. Since there is a need for OTR and CDL drivers, companies are offering competitive wages and hiring like crazy right now. It is an opportunity for you to cash in on what you worked so hard for.

Once thing you will quickly learn about the trucking industry is that there is never a shortage of work to be had. Companies and vendors will always need supplies and they will always hire trucks to deliver the goods for them. You will have job security!

Since drivers are needed all over the US, you have quite a few options available to you. For instance, you could choose to stay local or you could choose to go interstate. You can be paid to drive your loads AND see the world around you.

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Whether you want to be an OTR or CDL truck driver, our team can help you find the perfect career. Truck drivers are in demand right now and you can secure yourself an awesome career with great pay and benefits.

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